We create unique virtual and augmented reality-software for industry and marketing. Our goal is to support engineering and estate companies on their way through digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

XCYDE.io assists your company on its way through the digital transformation process.
Digitisation accelerates market penetration times and is a booster of change. XCYDE.io services and technology help to digitise business models, service offers and operating models.
This results in increased sales figures brought about by new digital products and services to an improved customer experience, cost reduction and enhanced efficiency during current operations.

prozesse optimieren digitalisierung

Customer-Specific Solutions

Discover how your company could use our predictive applications in order to optimise processes, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage. It isn’t always necessary to replace entire processes: small adjustments can sometimes make an enormous difference.


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Hella von Sinnen HTC Vive

Impressions from the Felix Burda Award ceremony 2017

In cooperation with Burda Druck GmbH we created an interactive 360° virtual reality app – personalized for each guest – using our own content platform XCYDE360. In addition to that, the XCYDE produced a three dimensional model of an intestine as digital twin of an existing real life model.

What are the benefits of digital transformation regarding the health system? How do Mixed Reality and Smart Reality applications help to produce solutions concerning digitization? This evening provided many exciting conversations.

Eingangshalle Gespräche
HTC Vive

Using our software MetaVR we created a virtually accessible 3D model of an intestine. Using a head mounted display (virtual reality headset) and a controller providing the ability to navigate via teleport through the virtual world, users experienced full immersion within the Mixed Reality.

During the night of the award ceremony, we created 320 interactive and personalized 360° virtual reality apps. Each guest received a cardboard headset designed by us to experience the application in virtual reality mode.

Hella von Sinnen Cardboard Felix Burda Award