Kai C. Thomas
Founder & Managing Partner
Kai C. Thomas
"Are you interested in connecting your products to PORTER? I look forward to hearing from you!"
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PORTER Manufacturers – the turbo for your brand in the real estate network

Digitize your interior finishing products and become part of the PORTER manufacturer database for virtual real-time material selection of real estate projects.

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Virtual, but already within reach ...

The selection of products for the interior finishing of a planned real estate project is often abstract and difficult to imagine for the end customer. Bring your interior finishing products to life up close and authentic in PORTER – virtually, in real size and superb 3D render quality. All this as soon as in the early planning phase!

How does it work? You digitize your products through 3D data preparation and become part of the PORTER manufacturer database for virtual real estate material selection. In this way, you secure access to the decision-makers of real estate projects and benefit from a significantly simpler, more efficient and faster material selection process. The result: a new, lucrative, digital sales channel for your company.

Market your products faster and easier

The virtual material selection of real estate projects in PORTER is based on real, connected product databases of leading brand-name manufacturers. Currently of interior finishing products such as flooring, doors, wall paneling and bathroom fixtures. In PORTER, these are virtually experienced, viewed, changed and calculated with transparent prices in real time. The final material selection protocol in the form of an Excel file is sent directly to you as an order.

This not only ensures an intense, emotional involvement with your products, but also significantly simpler and more efficient processes during all material selection phases.

material konfiguration boden

Configure interior finishing products in real time

  • Bodenbemusterung Interior

    Your flooring portfolio for any layout

    Present the entire spectrum of your quality flooring products and materials to the decision-makers in real estate projects in PORTER. And it’s all experienced and configured interactively! This includes choosing materials, selecting the desired installation pattern and even exporting the priced quantity & parts lists to order from you directly. All you have to do is connect your product database to PORTER.

  • Türbemusterung Interior

    Your selection of doors for any construction project

    From interior doors to front doors or even balcony & patio doors in different materials and colors – door selection in PORTER ensures design and planning security. For new construction, renovation or reconstruction – use your door portfolio to position yourself as a reliable partner and quality manufacturer for project decision-makers.

  • Wandbemusterung Farbe

    Your wall paneling for indoor & outdoor areas

    Wall design – for both interior walls and façades – is one of the first decisions made when planning and designing real estate projects. This makes the ability to provide a visual experience early on all the more important in order to avoid making the wrong decisions. In PORTER, project decision-makers select products from your connected wall panel portfolio, making it possible to define all relevant design aspects early on, such as materials, colors and textures.

  • badbemusterung waschbecken rund

    Your bathroom fixtures for exclusive interior design

    For new construction, renovation or reconstruction: Project decision-makers plan and design bathrooms in PORTER – for an interactive experience and transparent costs. It starts with the sink and toilet areas and continues to showers, bathtubs and plumbing fixtures in a broad assortment of materials, styles and color variations. Emotional interaction with your products at fixed prices provides a one-of-a-kind brand experience and, most importantly, planning security.

innenausbau digitalisieren produkte
digitale aufbereitung

Become a digital pioneer

Position your product portfolio in PORTER to ensure a technological edge ahead of your competition. Firstly, the intelligent platform gives you a basis for digitally processing your interior finishing products – which you can also use for your own purposes. Secondly, the platform gives you access to bid opportunities for the interior finishing of new construction and renovation projects. PORTER is cloud-based, which ensures the assortment of products is always up to date for everyone involved.

PORTER Analytics – the key to your target-oriented sales

Which of your products are particularly popular with which target group during real estate material selection, frequently combined with each other and finally selected? Are there any favored product features?

The answers to these and similar questions will be provided by PORTER Analytics, which is currently in final development. We will provide you with the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) via the use of the PORTER manufacturer database in an automated way for your individual further use. For a better customer understanding and thus more targeted control of sales and marketing.

Teammeeting Bau Bemusterung

See what will be: Experience the space!

Open up a new digital sales channel with PORTER!

Would you like to digitize your interior finishing products and have questions about PORTER? Let’s talk about how you can become part of the manufacturer database for virtual material selection for real estate.

All you need to do is fill out our contact form. We’ll get back to you immediately.

We appreciate your interest!

"You want to further establish your brand in the Real Estate network and bring your products to life for project decision-makers and their customers? I look forward to hearing from you!"
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