Digitize real estate floor plans with the click of a button and process them further in 3D

From a static 2D floor plan to a digital 3D building in mere minutes

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Simple and fast

Upload the 2D floor plan of a single- or multi-story piece of real estate as a PDF or photo (JPEG file) to our PORTER AI module. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a 3D model of the object is generated in no time and is immediately accessible to all project stakeholders.

Saves you measurable time and money

Time is money: Make your business processes more efficient. Save an enormous amount of time by converting floor plans from 2D to 3D – along with external costs for digitizing floor plans.

Seamless further processing of the 3D model

The 3D model can be used collaboratively in the BIM process. Follow-up processing can be performed if needed to make modifications, e.g. with Revit. Using this data, other players can seamlessly continue to work on the project.

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time saving

Just three steps to a digitized floor plan – here’s how

Upload your floor plan

Upload your 2D floor plan as a PDF or photo (JPEG file) to our artificial intelligence module.

floor plans process upload 2d 3d
Automated data processing

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, 2D floor plans turn into virtual 3D spaces.

automated 3d data processing artificial intelligence
Download the 3D data

The building is immediately available as a 3D preview and for downloading – as a BIM-compatible IFC/GLTF file.

grundrisse mit künstlicher intelligenz digitalisieren

From 2D floor plans to 3D buildings in mere minutes

We show you how easily and quickly your 2D floor plans can be converted into a 3D real estate model right in the PORTER application.

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Up to 97 percent more time! How our customers benefit

The tremendous benefit provided by our AI-based floor plan digitization is demonstrated by our collaboration with the Royal College of Art in London. The world’s best university for art and design used our floor plan digitization application to create the database required for a large study on the housing situation in London. Thanks to our artificial intelligence, the digitization, analysis and assessment of 1,600 floor plans took just two weeks – instead of the projected 1.5 man-years!

Find out more about how and why that worked here.

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Who benefits

  • Residential construction companies

  • Real estate appraisal companies

  • Facility manager

  • Property manager

  • Portfolio manager

  • Project developers

  • Property developers

  • Renovation contractors

  • Property surveyors

  • Proprietors

  • Property & land registration offices

  • Banks

  • etc.


  • Walk-through

  • Evaluate

  • Edit

  • Inform

  • Share

  • Experience

  • Design

  • Plan

  • Document

  • Archive

Whether for new projects or existing properties – the future is digital

Digitized property floor plans mean savings in costs and time, crisis-proof collaboration and data protection – in short: the future. Unproductive time spent on floor plan management and processing is a thing of the past. All of the details and prerequisites for floor plan conversion can be found in our FAQs.

digitalisierte immobilien grundrisse

Export & further processing of the 3D model

Upload the 2D floor plan of a single- or multi-story piece of real estate to our PORTER AI module. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a BIM-ready 3D model of the piece of real estate is instantly generated that is immediately accessible to all stakeholders and can be worked on in collaboration. This 3D model can immediately be exported to your CAD programs in various formats for further processing.

Here is an overview of the key supported file formats.

2D Upload3D Download
COLLADA-File (.dae)
Blender (.blend)
IFC (.ifc)

Digitized floor plans …

Converting floor plans from 2D to 3D is of tremendous benefit. An overview of the advantages is available here.

  • make business processes significantly more efficient

  • simplify collaboration among all project stakeholders

  • reduce the risk of data loss

  • are immediately and permanently accessible, 24/7, from any location

  • eliminate archiving costs

  • ensure contactless interaction among participants from any location – especially during corona

  • centralize and unify the underlying data

  • lay the foundation for BIM and digital lifecycle management

anbindung hersteller Datenbanken

What if the digitized building also needs interior finishing and material selection?

Then use our PORTER software platform and purchase the user license that suits you best. With PORTER, you can explore, experience and select materials for real estate projects digitally and in true-to-life scale – as early on as in the design and planning stage!

All information about PORTER is available here.

What does floor plan digitization cost?

We’ve put together attractive pricing packages that are precisely tailored to suit your individual needs.

This means you determine the number of floor plans your company digitizes. Should you realize that you need to digitize more floor plans than anticipated, simply book the next package up. You can also select your preferred method of payment: either monthly or – with a discount – annually. And last but not least, we of course offer a free demo presentation.

Learn more by getting in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!

PORTER lizenzen saas abonnements

Prices for floor plan digitization

Save on annual payment

9.90 € / mtl. Year
Save 19.80
Total Instead of 118.80€ per year
50 floor plan digitizations
per year
Minimum contract period 12 months
34.90 € / mtl. Year
Save 19.80
Total Instead of 418.80€ per year
250 floor plan digitizations
per year
Minimum contract period 12 months
Professional Plus
89.90 € / mtl. Year
Save 88.80
Total Instead of 1,078.80€ per year
1,000 floor plan digitizations
per year
Minimum contract period 12 months
Enterprise Solution
On request
Individual solutions and prices

Our packages are tailored to suit your individual needs. It’s easy to move up to the next package if needed. The method of payment is also your decision: either monthly or – with an attractive discount – annually.

If you have other questions about our software, the scope of services or our accounts, feel free to contact us anytime by phone at +49 89 877 644 84 or by email at sales@xcyde.io.

* All prices are netto.

Learn more about floor plan digitization in a demo presentation!

Are you interested in digitizing your floor plans in mere minutes? Then we would like to invite you to take part in our free, guided demo presentation to gain insight into our artificial intelligence module for floor plan digitization. All you need to do is fill out our contact form. We’ll contact you immediately.

We appreciate your interest!

Frequently asked questions

Would you like to learn more about floor plan digitization for your real estate projects? We have compiled the most important questions and answers for you.

Who is floor plan digitization with PORTER suitable for?

Floor plan digitization through the PORTER AI module (AI = artificial intelligence) is suitable for all companies in the construction and real estate industries with analog or digital 2D floor plans that they would like to view in 3D – quickly converted and in a simple display mode.

The result, meaning the 3D floor plan that is created after data is uploaded, can be processed by this user group with conventional 3D programs, such as Revit or SketchUp.

PORTER and its AI module for floor plan digitization are relevant for B2B customers, such as

  • Project developers
  • Property developers
  • Renovation contractors
  • Investors
  • Product manufacturers
  • Residential construction companies
  • Real estate appraisal companies
  • Facility manager
  • Property manager
  • Portfolio manager
  • Property surveyors
  • Proprietors
  • Property & land registration offices
  • Banks

If you belong to one of the user groups and would like individual, personal consultation, please write to us using our request form.

Use the property floor plans as a foundation for the following with real estate projects

  • walk-through
  • appraise / evaluate
  • edit
  • inform yourself or others
  • share
  • experience
  • design
  • plan
  • document
  • archive

A floor plan shows an apartment or a floor of a building.

Our software currently supports PNG, PDF and JPEG files. DFX files are about to be implemented. A special rule applies to PDF files: They can only be one page long. If a PDF has multiple pages, we only process the first page.

The following file formats are currently supported:

2D-Upload: JPEG, PNG, PDF

3D-Download: glTF, COLLADA-File (.dae), Blender (.blend) und IFC (.ifc)

In principle, our module can also process hand-drawn floor plans – provided that they meet the standards of a professional floor plan. If this is not the case, the result may be a lower-quality 3D model or the conversion may fail completely.

That’s simple: Either take a focused picture that is as high resolution as possible, or – and this is even better – scan the floor plan. Then upload the result, either as a JPEG or PNG file.

There are several options:

  • The floor plans should have as few reference lines as possible
  • There should ideally be a good contrast between the background and walls
  • The image should be free of errors, meaning it is focused, clear and has no effects resulting from scanning (such as shadows or noise)
  • The floor plan should show just one apartment or one floor – not multiple apartments or multiple floors
  • The floor plan should be aligned so the walls are as horizontal and vertical as possible.

What can be displayed are:

  • Walls (exception: sloped walls are sometimes not optimally recognized, rounded elements are currently not supported at all)
  • Windows (exception: there is still no differentiation between standard windows and window façades)
  • Floors
  • Ceilings (exception: ceiling height is not currently adjustable)
  • Room recognition

What currently cannot be displayed are:

  • Balconies
  • Outdoor areas
  • Staircases
  • Electrical wiring and water pipes
  • The linking of floors (needs to be performed manually in a 3D program)
  • Roof slopes
  • Furniture (shortly before implementation)

Yes, after successful transformation, the 3D floor plans can be subsequently processed and used in programs, such as Revit or SketchUp, in the BIM process.

www.grundrisse-digitalisieren.de takes care of the typically time-consuming task of converting the 2D files into 3D models. This saves users a tremendous amount of work and time.

No. XCYDE GmbH (which developed PORTER) only generates a preview. If the floor plan has what are known as ground truth features, it is imperative to process it with Revit, SketchUp or a similar program. XCYDE does not currently offer this type of processing.

The digitized floor plans initially display a 3D model of the property. This can be experienced from an exterior perspective and/or a first-person perspective. Moreover, these non-complex 3D floor plans serve as the basis for further processing and correction using 3D programs. While the 3D floorplans that we convert from 2D provide an authentic impression of the property, they do not reflect the dimensions or scale in an absolutely true-to-life manner. The ground truth of the property is not generated.

Decide which license model suits you best. The contract is concluded for a year, the models vary based on the number of floor plans that are digitized. It’s possible to switch to the next package up.

For further information, also about package modalities and prices, contact sales@xcyde.io, phone +49 89 877 644 84.

The floor plan conversion that is offered by www.grundrisse-digitalisieren.de is a module of the PORTER software platform and, in a way, its basis.

On www.grundrisse-digitalisieren.de, the sole function is to convert a 2D floor plan into a 3D model and to make it available to users for downloading, while PORTER as a whole offers a much broader and more extensive range of applications:

  • The graphic quality of PORTER is better
  • With PORTER, it is not only possible to view and tour the property, but to also select materials for it using real manufacturer product databases (for interior finishing / configuration)
  • PORTER brings together technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality (currently being implemented) and cloud streaming (which means visualization works on any end device as long as the corresponding internet connection is available)
  • 3D data can be imported into PORTER.

We exclusively process our users’ data in Europe.

The servers for data processing are located exclusively in Germany.

The floor plans that are uploaded to www.grundrisse-digitalisieren.de simultaneously train our artificial intelligence (of course anonymously), which “recognizes” the data and converts 2D floor plans into 3D models.

Information on data protection when using our website is available here: https://www.xcyde.io/en/data-privacy/

No. Only successful conversions are subtracted from the specified number.