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Features of PORTER Floor Plans

From a static 2D floor plan to a walk-through 3D model with the click of a button! This is how your residential projects will benefit from the unique software features of PORTER Floor Plans.

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From 2D to 3D with the click of a button – thanks to artificial intelligence

Upload the 2D floor plan of your residential project as PDF, PNG or JPEG (soon also as DXF or TIFF) in the PORTER-KI module. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a 3D model of the apartment is generated in mere minutes and is immediately accessible to all project stakeholders. Note: Depending on the complexity of the floor plan, the quality of the 3D model varies. PORTER currently handles 75% of the transformation, providing a valuable basis for your 3D further processing.

Easy transformation of multi-storey residential real estate

The transformation from a 2D floor plan to a 3D model includes both single and multi-story residential real estate. Thus, in the PORTER-KI module, the floor plans of the individual floors are automatically stacked and a 3D basic model of the entire real estate is created within seconds to a few minutes – depending on the number of floors.

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Walk-through of the 3D model

Experience what will be: In no time, you can make your 2D apartment plans visually tangible and walkable in 3D, even in the early planning stages. Navigating through the 3D model is as easy as can be. You choose between two possible perspectives: The bird’s-eye view for viewing from the outside and zooming in on the model interior, and the first-person perspective for moving from room to room.

Export & further processing of the 3D model

The 3D basic model, which can be used collaboratively in the BIM process, can be exported immediately in various formats (glTF, COLLADA, Blender and IFC) for further processing in your CAD programs. So, if necessary, post-processing is possible, e.g. with Blender or SketchUp to make adjustments.

On this data basis, your project can then be seamlessly imported and materials can be selected in PORTER Material Selection (user license required).

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Material Selection of the digitized residential property

Import the created 3D model into PORTER Material Selection – after you have purchased a corresponding user license. You can then not only walk through and experience the 3D residential real estate, but also virtually select materials with interior finishing products from leading brand-name manufacturers. The product ranges can be changed dynamically and in real-time, viewed and calculated in a price-transparent manner.

More information about the software functions of PORTER Material Selection can be found here.

Automatic detection of windows, doors, stairs & walls

Based on your floor plans, our AI automatically recognizes windows and doors – including stop and opening direction (if specified) – very simple, straight stairs as well as walls (restriction: no sloping or curved walls) of the planned residential building.

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PORTER Grundrisse Möbel

Basic furnished representation of your residential real estate projectc

Based on your floor plans, our PORTER-KI can basically read out the type of use of the planned rooms – if indicated – as well as the rough positioning of furniture drawn in them. Limitations: Depending on the specific symbolism of a floor plan, it may be that not all furniture is always recognized. Kitchen units and furniture in L-shape are currently not optimally recognized and output as a rectangle.

Based on this, the corresponding furniture is already placed automatically and thus ensures more liveliness and a higher visual imagination for the prospective customer when viewing your spatial planning for the first time.

"Do you have questions about the features of PORTER Floor Plans and how you can use them for your project? Then I look forward to hearing from you!"
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