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Features PORTER real-time material selection

Select materials for construction and renovation projects virtually even before breaking ground, experience them authentically, plan on-budget and market them at an early stage. In this way, you benefit from the intuitive software features that are specially tailored to PORTER Material Selection.

PORTER Grundrisse Umwandlung

Floor plan digitization with the click of a button – thanks to artificial intelligence

Upload the 2D floor plan of a single- or multi-story piece of residential real estate to our PORTER AI module. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a 3D model of the apartment is generated in no time and is immediately accessible to all project stakeholders. Note: Depending on the complexity of the floor plan, the quality of the 3D model varies. PORTER currently handles about 75% of the transformation, providing a valuable basis for your 3D further processing.

This can be used collaboratively in the BIM process and exported in various formats to your CAD programs.

Alternatively, you can seamlessly import the 3D data of your planned project from SketchUp via the PORTER plug-in and thus lay the foundation for precise material selection of your real estate projects in PORTER Material Selection.

To PORTER Floor Plans

PORTER as part of your planning concept

PORTER is compatible with your planning concept. Based on the 3D data of your newly created real estate project, flooring, doors and soon also wall paneling as well as bathroom fixtures are automatically recognized.

Note: For the automatic object recognition an appropriate preparation of your data is necessary. You can find out which requirements have to be met when preparing data for integration into PORTER in our 3D guidelines. We will be happy to provide you with these upon request.

bim prozesskette
cloud solution porter bemusterung

High-end visualization of real estate projects – even on the simplest devices

PORTER can be used on any laptop, tablet or desktop computer with a stable internet connection. A high-performance computer isn’t necessary! Thanks to streaming technology (currently in beta version), your project is displayed in superb 3D quality online.

Real estate tours from any location with the multi-user feature

“From any location” really means from any location. With the multi-user feature, multiple parties can move through a building and select materials at the same time in virtual reality and in the desktop view. In real time, from anywhere in the world and transparently for everyone involved in the project.

PORTER Bemusterung MultiUser
zukunftstechnologien porter

Viewing & spatial experience of your virtual real estate projects

Walk through, design and experience your projects absolutely authentically in Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality (AR), on the other hand, offers a further, very special added value: project your virtual project into the real environment, e.g. onto the future building site, and then virtually walk through and select materials for the real estate within the real environment. With the PORTER Android app – currently for Google, soon also for Apple – you can view your projects in 3D from anywhere and experience the immersive AR real estate projection via tablet.

Linked to manufacturer databases with real products

PORTER is connected to real interior finishing product databases of leading brand-name manufacturers with their actual collections and all product data. This currently includes interior finishing products such as flooring, doors, wall paneling and bathroom fixtures. The PORTER cloud makes sure the planning databases and product selections are always up-to-date for everyone involved in the project. For an authentic, emotional spatial experience already in the early planning stage of your real estate projects.

digitale aufbereitung

Tailor-made material selection for every real estate project

  • Bodenbemusterung Interior

    The right flooring for any layout

    Benefit from the product and material variety of the quality flooring products of brand-name manufacturers linked in PORTER during material selection of the flooring in PORTER. And it’s all experienced and configured interactively! This includes choosing materials, selecting the desired installation pattern and the global product pre-selection for all flooring areas in the overall project.

  • Türbemusterung Interior

    The right door for any construction project

    From interior doors to front doors or even balcony and patio doors in different materials and colors – door selection in PORTER ensures design and planning security.

  • Wandbemusterung Farbe

    The early definition of the wall paneling

    Wall design – for both interior walls and façades – is one of the first decisions made when planning and designing real estate projects. This makes the ability to provide a visual experience early on all the more important in order to avoid making the wrong decisions. In PORTER, you define all relevant design aspects early on, such as materials, colors and textures.

  • badbemusterung waschbecken rund

    Multifaceted bathroom fixtures for exclusive interior design

    For new construction, renovation or reconstruction: In PORTER you plan and design the bathrooms & sanitary areas of your real estate projects for an interactive experience and transparent costs. It starts with the sink and toilet areas and continues to showers, bathtubs and plumbing fixtures in a broad assortment of materials, styles and color variations.

Manual naming & global product preselection of the flooring material

During project processing via SketchUp, the names of the tagged flooring are automatically read out and displayed in PORTER Material Selection. In this way, flooring surfaces can be distinguished not only visually, but also by name. In addition, these can be further individualized via manual naming (e.g. “floor entrance area”).

Do you prefer a specific flooring and want to define it for all flooring areas? Then use our global preselection to select the desired product, add it to all recognized surfaces and then view the flooring surfaces selected in this way in the overall project.

PORTER Vorauswahl Bodenbemusterung
verlegerichtung vr

Configure products dynamically

All interior finishing products can be changed dynamically and in real time during material selection, viewed and calculated in a price-transparent manner. From the desired flooring directions (0°, 45°, 90°, 135°) to a wide selection of materials and colors (flooring and wall paneling), different structures (wall paneling) as well as designs (bathroom fixtures) – in PORTER you can select materials for your real estate projects at an early stage and with planning security at transparent prices.

Create area and price calculations as well as parts lists in real time

Algorithms running in the background make it possible to calculate area ratios in real time and create quantity/parts lists that include pricing. That translates into maximum project and budget transparency for your real estate planning!

material konfiguration boden
PORTER Bemusterungs Protokoll

All products at a glance – the material selection protocol

The material selection protocol, which is automatically generated after the material selection process has been completed, summarizes all the required information on the finally selected interior finishing product ranges at a glance. This overview records exactly which residential-/office units within the overall project were configured with which products – sorted by product category (wall paneling, doors, flooring, bathroom fixtures) with all product information including product price or required total material selection budget.

This protocol can thus be passed on directly to all relevant project participants, processed and exported as a downloadable Excel file for direct ordering from the manufacturer.

Construction documentation in Virtual Reality

Have you composed a particular scene in Virtual Reality – for example with the materials you would like for a room – and want to be able to look at it later or give other team members access to it? Take a screenshot and you can easily view, download or send it by email later in the web application.

In addition, in the VR-meeting you can easily add markers and notes to the walls and objects with the controller, measure distances such as ceiling heights from point A to point B, and leave notes. That makes potential requests for modification transparent and visible for everyone.

screenshot funktion vr

View the interior of the building in different layers

You can now simply cut through your real estate project vertically – using a slider, you control the cutting edge you want and thus gradually fade out or in ceilings, walls and other areas of the interior. This allows you to look into the interior of the building from every conceivable perspective and view the level relevant to you separately.

PORTER Bemusterung Schieberegler
PORTER Bemusterung Sonnenstandsverlauf

Adjustment of real lighting conditions

For a realistic visual representation of your planned real estate projects, you can accurately simulate the light and shadow conditions at different times of the day and year inside and outside the building. The adjustment of the corresponding parameters – such as time and month – to determine the position of the sun is possible for all imported real estate projects via the PORTER AI module or via Revit or SketchUp.

Teamwork Kolloboration

Share your real estate project with other stakeholders

Do you want to share your real estate project with other project stakeholders? We simplify project collaboration for you by allowing you to independently create a time-limited sharing code, thus giving other stakeholders access to the project as well.

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