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PORTER – features of the software platform

Benefit from the unique features PORTER has to offer your construction or renovation project. For rapid floor plan digitization plus early material selection and real estate marketing!

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From 2D to 3D with the click of a button – thanks to artificial intelligence

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning 2D floor plans are transformed into virtual 3D models of the building in mere minutes. Alternatively, 3D files can be directly imported and interpreted. PORTER processes all of the necessary information from the imported data, allowing for precise material selection for your real estate projects. And it’s all BIM-ready!

PORTER – part of the BIM process chain

PORTER is fully compatible with BIM as a management and planning tool. The BIM databases from your real estate project are simply integrated into PORTER. The supported file format is IFC. For example, flooring is automatically recognized based on IFC tags and geometric data in your newly created project. PORTER upgrades the BIM process as a result.

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highend visualisierung tablet laptop desktop pc

High-end visualization of real estate projects – even on the simplest devices

PORTER can be used on any laptop, tablet or desktop computer with a stable internet connection. A high-performance computer isn’t necessary! Thanks to streaming technology, your project is displayed in superb 3D quality online.

Real estate tours from any location with the multi-user feature

“From any location” really means from any location. With the multi-user feature, multiple parties can move through a building and select materials at the same time in virtual reality and in the desktop view. In real time, from anywhere in the world and transparently for everyone involved in the project.

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anbindung hersteller Datenbanken

Linked to manufacturer databases with real products

PORTER is connected to the interior finishing product databases of brand-name manufacturers with their actual collections at fixed prices, including all the metadata. The PORTER cloud makes sure the planning databases and manufacturer product ranges are always up to date for everyone involved in the project.

Create area and price calculations as well as parts lists in real time

Algorithms running in the background make it possible to calculate area ratios in real time and create quantity/parts lists that include pricing. That translates into maximum project and budget transparency for your real estate planning!

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verlegerichtung vr

Select flooring directions

The flooring you select can be displayed in different directions: at a 0°, 45°, 90° or 135° angle.

Configure flooring material

In PORTER, you can configure and compare flooring from various reputable manufacturers in a wide range of materials.

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download favoritenlisten

Create & download favorites lists

When configuring flooring, a search feature, select favorites feature and the option of creating favorites lists for downloading as an Excel file make it fast, simple and easy to select flooring for your project.

3D model view in virtual reality

Look at your 3D model in virtual reality, rotate it and view it from any angle. A position indicator for the current user and others involved in the project combined with the ability to move freely in the building provides a mutual and absolutely transparent understanding of the project.

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More Features

  • markierungen notizen vr

    Markers & notes in VR meetings

    When you are in virtual reality, you can easily add markers to the walls and objects with the controller or leave notes for your team or others involved in the project. That makes potential requests for modification transparent and visible for everyone.

  • vermessungstool vr

    Measurement feature in virtual reality

    In virtual reality, distances from point A to point B – such as ceiling heights – can be measured with the controller.

  • screenshot funktion vr

    Screenshots of a desired scene

    Have you composed a particular scene – for example with the materials you would like for a room – and want to be able to look at it later or give other team members access to it? Take a screenshot and you can easily view, download or send it by email later in the web application.

Links to planning software Revit and SketchUp

With the PORTER plug-in for Revit and SketchUp, we make it possible for you to seamlessly transition from your customary planning tool for your real estate projects to digital, real-time material selection. With just one click, your 3D data is imported to the PORTER cloud. We also offer support in the form of step-by-step instructions on how you can already improve the visual quality of the data in the planning software.

  • SketchUp plug-in PORTER

    From the construction of your 3D model in SketchUp to real-time material selection in PORTER in a few easy steps.

  • Revit add-in PORTER

    From the construction of your 3D model in Revit to real-time material selection in PORTER in a few easy steps.

“Do you have questions about PORTER’s features and the benefits they have to offer your real estate project? I look forward to hearing from you!”
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