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XCYDE social commitment

We take social responsibility seriously, honor the extraordinary performance of top athletes and do everything we can to encourage a healthy work-life balance. Because the focus is always on people at XCYDE.

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The Virtual Reality DARMMODELL for the Felix Burda Foundation

We want to make technology so useable that real added value emerges for people. Which is why XCYDE created for the Felix Burda Foundation a virtual twin of the 65-foot-long (20 meter) DARMMODELL that can be walked through in real life. Our virtual model interactively teaches in-depth information about the colon in an entertaining way while also showing the development stages of colon cancer.

Our objective: To appropriately raise awareness about colon cancer among all age groups, including young people, and to show how effective preventive medical care can be practiced and how (easily) colon cancer can be prevented.

Discover the VR DARMMODELL

Always on the ball – XCYDE sponsoring

Pursuing an ambitious goal and making every effort to reach it requires staying power, talent, the courage to break new ground and a dedicated team in which every individual counts. These values are essential both in sports and in business for playing in the premier league.

Which is why XCYDE has been the name-giving sponsor and partner of the women’s first division Bundesliga basketball team the Nördlingen-based XCYDE Angels since the 2018/19 season. As the only Bundesliga team in the region, which they’ve been since as far back as 2008, the Angels confirm their unique position year after year. Which is just one of the reasons why our partnership brings us such joy.

More information about the club and their game data can be found here

xcyde angels team sponsoring
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Work & family life – XCYDE is award winning

Here at XCYDE, we work with cutting-edge technologies and are absolutely free in how we organize our individual schedules when working at the office or from home. A good work-life balance, family-friendly career planning and making work, childcare and caregiving compatible are important to us.

Receiving the award from the Günzburg district as a “Family-friendly Employer in the Region” affirms that we live by our philosophy. Which is why the “Beruf & Familie 2018-2020” (Work & Family 2018-2020) label awarded to us by the district makes us particularly proud.

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