Kai C. Thomas
Founder & Managing Partner
Kai C. Thomas
“Would you like to learn more about PORTER? I look forward to hearing from you!”
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PORTER – opening the door to the digital real estate world

The intelligent software platform for floor plan digitization and virtual, real-time material selection for your construction or renovation projects. And it’s all BIM-ready.

  • From 2D floor plans to 3D buildings in mere time
  • On-budget material selection with interior finishing products
  • The feeling of space already in the planning stage
  • Faster decisions & real estate marketing
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Digitally experience, design & market real estate projects

Whether it’s new construction or a renovation – PORTER makes it possible to virtually experience and design your real estate projects in true-to-life scale with on-budget planning and early marketing. How? With a unique combination of rapid floor plan digitization and virtual, real-time material selection with real interior finishing products from brand-name manufacturers. And all while saving costs, optimizing returns and working efficiently – from the very beginning.

Real-time material selection in three steps

From 2D to 3D: Upload floor plan

Upload your 2D floor plan as a PDF or photo (JPEG file) to our artificial intelligence module.

floor plans process upload 2d 3d
Automated data processing

With the help of AI, 2D floor plans are transformed into 3D buildings that can be experienced virtually.

automated 3d data processing artificial intelligence
Select materials virtually for your project

Enter your digitized real estate project and select materials from real interior finishing products at fixed prices.

porter real estate virtual material selection real time

How you can benefit from PORTER

PORTER provides tremendous benefits and added value in particular for project and property developers, renovation contractors, tenant improvement contractors, real estate investors and manufacturers of interior finishing products.

  • Experience and understand the project

    Tour real estate virtually even before the start of construction for a quick and complete overview of the project.
  • Sample real estate with price security

    Select materials for your real estate project in virtual reality with reliable planning thanks to real interior finishing products at fixed prices.
  • Market real estate at an early stage

    Get potential buyers involved and excited during the planning stage to avoid the risk of vacancy.
  • BIM – projects guaranteed to be up to date

    PORTER isn’t an isolated application, but rather a synchronized database for everyone involved in the project.
  • Useable on the simplest of devices

    PORTER runs on all end devices. Combined with a headset and PC, you can offer impressive tours in virtual reality.

Experience what will be

Even before construction or renovation begins, see, experience and design what will be, and all this absolutely authentic! With real interior finishing products from real brand-name manufacturers. And even if you feel like standing on the table while designing your real estate project – go right ahead, you can … it’s easy and intuitive to use.

PORTER Features
export list stock list flooring

What you see is what you get

PORTER is connected to the interior finishing product databases of brand-name manufacturers with their actual collections at fixed prices. This gives all project stakeholders maximum planning security and cost control – already during the planning stage.

Because PORTER is cloud based, the planning databases and manufacturer product ranges are always up to date. Algorithms running in the background enable area ratios to be calculated in real time and quantity/parts lists including pricing are generated.

PORTER upgrades the BIM process

PORTER is fully compatible with BIM as a management and planning tool. The databases that are created in PORTER can simply be integrated into the overall concept. The supported file format is .ifc.

bim grafik porter

PORTER – all technologies in one system

Efficient data processing with AI

Upload your 2D floor plan to the PORTER AI module. Thanks to artificial intelligence, an immediately accessible 3D model of the real estate project is created in mere minutes.

Alternatively, 3D files can be directly imported and interpreted.

Here’s an overview of the file formats that are currently supported.

Revit (via PORTER-Plugin)
SketchUP (via PORTER Plugin)
DXF/DWG (coming soon)

From planning software to digital, real-time material selection

You plan your real estate project in your customary tool, such as Revit or SketchUp – and we give you the PORTER plug-in for your seamless transition to digital, real-time material selection. With just one click, your 3D data is imported to the PORTER cloud. Optionally, we offer step-by-step instructions on how you can already improve the visual quality of the data in the planning software.

  • SketchUp plug-in PORTER

    From the construction of your 3D model in SketchUp to real-time material selection in PORTER in a few easy steps.

  • Revit add-in PORTER

    From the construction of your 3D model in Revit to real-time material selection in PORTER in a few easy steps.

“Would you like to find out how your construction or renovation project can benefit from PORTER?” I look forward to hearing from you!”
Kai C. Thomas
Kai C. Thomas
Founder & Managing Partner
Albert-Einstein-Straße 1
89340 Leipheim (District Günzburg)
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