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Planning security for your real estate projects

Plan your construction projects with price and investment security, simplify the coordination and communication among all players and market your projects early on – even before building starts.

Faster & simpler implementation of your projects

Digitize construction projects in mere minutes

Convert your 2D floor plans into virtual 3D building models with the click of a button – for an interactive experience and design.

Virtual price-safe material selection in real time

Digitally select materials for your projects with interior finishing products from brand-name manufacturers at fixed prices – cloud-based and up to date.

Early project marketing

Maximize your potential buyers’ imagination and decision-making power with real estate they can experience virtually – even in the planning stage.

Manage project collaboration

PORTER brings all project stakeholders together from all locations on one platform. The partners come together in the virtual building model to plan and design it collaboratively in real time. This means different configurations can be arranged and modified live – synchronized, with current prices and visible for all players. For efficient collaboration and management of your construction projects.

flaechen preisberechnung

Plan visually and on-budget

PORTER is a software program for visual calculation. It not only allows potential buyers to visually, interactively and emotionally experience a space, but also provides budget security. All interior finishing products in the PORTER brand-name manufacturer database are integrated with fixed prices. Every configuration that is selected is priced and displayed in the total budget.