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Customer: EXCELLENCE Maklerhaus
Project release: March 2018
  • 360 Degree Tour
  • Porter
  • Virtual Reality

360-degree tour of future properties in virtual reality

Cooperation between XCYDE GmbH and EXCELLENCE Maklerhaus on the presentation of real estate. Potential customers have their future homes visualized in advance and can tour them in virtual reality (VR).

Customer’s advantages:

  • Customers of EXCELLENCE Maklerhaus can tour their entire home virtually before or during its construction at a scale of 1:1 to visually grasp the size of the property for sale
  • Interior design and color schemes can already be selected before or during construction
  • Expensive mistakes are avoided
  • EXCELLENCE Maklerhaus presents itself as a forward-looking company that meets all of its customers’ needs



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Customer’s objectives:

EXCELLENCE Maklerhaus would like to display the available CAD data for a specific construction project just as realistically as it actually is or will be in virtual reality. That allows customers to realistically envision their desired object of purchase in the best possible way. With this kind of photo-realistic presentation, EXCELLENCE Maklerhaus will be able to avoid unwanted and expensive surprises later on. Because various materials, such as flooring or window panes, can be viewed 1:1 in virtual reality, the risk of selecting the wrong items is significantly reduced. That makes for satisfied customers. Thanks to PORTER, new data can always be uploaded to virtual reality during the entire construction process, making sure the project is always up to date.



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Our challenge:

  • Transforming construction data as quickly and realistically as possible into VR as needed
  • Adapting the system to accommodate all types of data from architects
  • Simplifying the decision making process for EXCELLENCE Maklerhaus customers



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Our solution:

With PORTER, we transferred the existing data from the planned residential complex as realistically as possible at a scale of 1:1 to virtual reality so users can easily access and experience the 3D data. With a VR headset and a tracking system, it’s not only possible to view future homes virtually, but to also walk through them. That creates real added value and makes it easier for customers to make a purchase decision. To offer customers support beyond their viewing appointment, PORTER makes it possible for them to view their future property from the peace and quiet of their own home.



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Service portfolio: Virtual reality / 2D/3D modeling / Technology consulting / Data visualization

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