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Customer: Arcasa Wohnbau GmbH
Project release: October 2017
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  • Virtual Reality

3D data from construction projects in virtual reality

The technology company XCYDE GmbH in Leipheim and Arcasa Wohnbau GmbH in Günzburg have combined their skills so customers can realistically envision their construction projects in full size in advance. With PORTER, the 3D data from Arcasa Wohnbau GmbH becomes an accessible space in virtual reality.

Customer’s advantages:

  • It isn’t always easy for customers of Arcasa Wohnbau GmbH in Günzburg to envision 3D plans in full size, the proportions of the space or the impact of color. In virtual reality, they can tour and view their construction project in advance at a scale of 1:1
  • With the software platform PORTER, 3D data can quickly and easily be implemented in virtual reality (VR)
  • With their additional service offer, Arcasa Wohnbau GmbH is not only positioning itself as a reliable and competent partner, but also as an innovative point of contact when it comes to construction





Customer’s objectives:

Arcasa Wohnbau GmbH would like to make construction projects more accessible to their customers in advance so they can envision those projects in a new and innovative dimension. Certain standards for material selection or features (according to building specifications) are already available in digital form. For example, customers can view specific window panes or flooring in VR and decide if they like those particular elements. The rest of the 3D data only has to be implemented in PORTER to make it quickly accessible in VR as well. PORTER and the visualization of plan data escort customers through the entire construction stage. That minimizes the risk of selecting the wrong materials while building the property.


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Our challenge:

The desire is for the visualization of plan data to make the decision-making processes easier for customers of Arcasa Wohnbau GmbH. Which is why all of the content should be processed and displayed as realistically as possible in virtual reality. Moreover, the 3D data should also be turned into user-friendly, accessible spaces that customers can experience to create added value with the existing data.



porter arcasa wohnbau günzburg 3d daten



Our solution:

On customer request, Arcasa Wohnbau GmbH can now send CAD data from a construction project to XCYDE GmbH. The data is then processed here and implemented on the software platform PORTER so it can be displayed in full size in VR. With a head-mounted display (HMD) – i.e. a VR headset – and a tracking system, it’s not only possible to see the visualization of the data in virtual reality, but to also walk through the property.



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Service portfolio: User interface design / User experience design / 3D interfaces / Software development / Interface implementation / Product configurator development / Virtual reality / 2D/3D modeling / 3D shading / CAD data implementation / Data visualization

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