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Customer: baramundi software AG
Project release: November 2021
  • Porter
  • Virtual Reality

baramundi: Experience tomorrow’s workplace interactively today

Augsburg-based baramundi software AG will relocate its headquarters to the Augsburg Innovation Park in spring 2022. A modern, sustainable working environment is currently being created there on more than 7,500 square meters of gross floor space distributed over four floors. The approximately 350 employees who will one day work here are already getting a very authentic picture of their future workplace: XCYDE has completely visualized the new baramundi company headquarters, including all equipment, and made it walkable interactively and in Virtual Reality.


baramundi CEO Uwe Beikirch about using and experiencing PORTER:

Thanks to Virtual Reality, the tour of the building is totally flashy

The interactive walk-through also helps to identify planning errors

The great attention to detail is exceptionally emotionally touching and a lot of fun


Customer’s advantages:

  • Early visualization, walk-through and “experience” of the future company headquarters
  • Process-accompanying optimization of the design (materials, equipment) defined by Henn Architekten on the basis of the 3D visualizations
  • Information of the employees and loyalization through the authentic, highly emotional walk-through of the future headquarters long before its completion
  • Up-to-date internal and external stakeholder communication
  • Simplest possible handling: walk-through and tour of the project by means of activation codes – no registration, no login required.



Customer’s objectives:

  • Complete visualization of the future company headquarters, including the equipment.
  • Presentation of the new office building interactively and through Virtual Reality
  • Two paths open for the emotional experience of the office visit: in addition to the classic desktop application, also by means of a Virtual Reality station set up in the current company headquarters.



Our challenge:

  • Implementing the existing 3D data of the responsible architectural office, Henn GmbH, in the Virtual Reality / interactive workflow.
  • Implementation of the office equipment
  • Implementation of the material concepts from baramundi and Henn
  • Exposure to light of the building complex for interactive tours, interactive adaptation of the exposure
  • Set-up of a local VR-station with PORTER at the current baramundi headquarters
  • Development of a customized software solution tailored to baramundi: in this case, its own PORTER version without updates and without material selection functions.



Our solution:

We processed the 3D data of the Henn architectural office, which was responsible for the planning, in a project-specific manner. In a permanent, accompanying process, we coordinated the look, equipment, materiality and other parameters of the future company headquarters with baramundi and Henn Architekten and integrated them into our visualization.

The result is a high-quality visualized real estate project that can be walked through interactively and in real time in 3D – and in Virtual Reality also on site at the current baramundi headquarters. There, we set up a VR station (laptop, VR headset etc.) and provided the technical support for this.


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