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Customer: Thalhofer Gruppe
Project release: November 2019
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Dein Planungszentrum 4.0 – PORTER made to measure

With PORTER as their central software platform, Thalhofer Gruppe is able to select materials for construction projects as early on as in the planning stage. Selecting materials for the interior in advance saves time and provides security with on-budget investment decisions.

Customer’s advantages:

  • Photo-realistic material selection in real time from any location – thanks to original manufacturer product databases
  • The application allows for (more) budget-conscious investment decisions
  • Projects are guaranteed to be up to date for everyone involved
  • Intuitive usability
  • Positioning as an innovative market player who embraces digitization



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Customer’s objectives:

With 15 offices and approximately 420 employees, Thalhofer Gruppe has been a successful and powerful partner for industry, trade and the craft sector for decades. The wood wholesale and import trade company procures wood products from around the world and is a main dealer and outlet partner for key producers and brands. It was with a digital planning center, a real brick-and-mortar destination for cutting-edge 3D visualizations and material selection for all types of construction projects, that Thalhofer Gruppe wanted to enter the age of digitization. The desire was for the core concept to be their own material selection software for Thalhofer consultants and planning center customers, such as carpenters. XCYDE GmbH, which is part of Thalhofer Gruppe, developed a made-to-measure version of PORTER as an exclusive software platform for on-site digital material selection at the Thalhofer planning centers. The initial focus was on material selection for all types of flooring.



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Our challenge:

One of the first big challenges was not one of technical nature, but rather communicative. It was first necessary to establish professional and terminological understanding between traditional wood trade on one hand and a prop-tech company on the other. It was essential for each side to not only become familiar with the other’s universe, but to also understand it. After establishing a successful basis, XCYDE developed a comprehensive PORTER software offer for the planning center. A critical issue was transferring real work processes into the virtual world, such as representations at a scale of 1:1 or the precise calculation of dimensions, area and prices.


Our solution:

The Thalhofer contact point for cutting-edge 3D visualizations was given the name “Dein Planungszentrum” (Your Planning Center). In close cooperation with Thalhofer Gruppe, XCYDE defined the features of PORTER, which they then programed and implemented: Virtual reality, real-time application and plug-ins for third party software were among the significant foundational elements. The digital planning centers are networked with multi-user and project approval features – two additional elements of the assignment.

PORTER was successfully integrated into the processes of the Thalhofer planning centers. The digital material selection software goes above and beyond in fulfilling its purpose. Projects can be processed as 3D plans and toured virtually by decision-makers during the planning stage. That not only helps them select the right materials for the interior, but also provides much greater security in terms of making budget-conscious investment decisions. With “Dein Planungszentrum” and the PORTER software platform, Thalhofer Gruppe has created an extremely important element for being prepared for the fully digitized future – while also increasing their recognition in the market and establishing a strong positioning with their innovative power.



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