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Hotel Adlon kempinksi berlin
Customer: Hotel Adlon GmbH
Project release: May 2017
  • 360 Degree Tour
  • Virtual Reality

Interactive 360-degree virtual reality app about the Hotel Adlon

While working on the interactive 360-degree virtual reality app for the Felix Burda Award, XCYDE also documented parts of the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin in 360 degrees and combined the images with interactive elements. The result is an exciting and entertaining virtual reality app about the luxury hotel so rich in history.

Customer’s advantages:

  • The guests of the Hotel Adlon hold not only the hotel itself to the highest standards, but also its presentation. The innovative 360-degree images, stitched together to create a 360-degree tour of the hotel, provide a sophisticated form of communication
  • This makes it possible for any individual to interactively experience the historic hotel in 360 degrees without ever actually entering the building
  • A 2D mode means the app can also be viewed without a virtual reality headset



hotel adlon suite interaktive 360 grad virtual reality app



Customer’s objectives:

Within the framework of the virtual reality app for the Felix Burda Award, the desire was to give guests interactive and unique insight into the venue, the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin, which is also a sponsor of the event. With a 360-degree tour as the part of the app open to the public, one goal was to communicate the hotel’s social commitment to a wider audience. Another was to use the app as a means of communication through social media.



360 grad virtual reality app felix burda award



Our solution:

The recorded 360-degree images were uploaded to the software platform developed by XCYDE and simply interlinked to create a specific tour. POIs (“points of interest”) show which rooms the spectators can enter.

The content of the app can be replaced and modified overnight. With the user-friendly concept of drag-and-drop in the back end, complete tours can be generated and released in mere minutes. Automatic communication between the app and server makes it possible.



xcyde 360 grad bilder software plattform



360-degree app download

The app also functions in the 360-degree mode without a VR headset. The built-in touch mode, which means you swipe the screen of the device with your finger, makes it possible to view the 360-degree content without having to rotate the device or for the user to have to move around.

The tour of the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin is part of the 360-degree app for the 2017 Felix Burda Award. Once you have installed the app, you can immediately access the tour. The BMW showroom on Kurfürstendamm can also be explored in the 360-degree virtual reality app.

In the Apple App Store for iOS: http://x360ios.xcyde.io/

In the Google Play Store for Android: http://x360android.xcyde.io/



hotel adlon vr brille felix burda award 2017



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