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Customer: Projektentwickler aus Österreich
Project release: January 2021
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Interactive application for the visualization of an apartment complex

For a customer from Austria, we visualized an apartment complex with six apartment blocks and 128 individually designed apartments plus the outdoor areas as interactive, real-time 3D data. We were able to generate this challenging data – also thanks to artificial intelligence – in less than one month. With our software platform PORTER, our customer is now able to move through the entire apartment complex virtually and from any location with all of the players involved.


Customer’s advantages:

  • The rapid creation of high-quality, interactive real-time 3D data makes it possible to market the residential units early on, even before breaking ground. This lays the foundation for the quickest possible return on investment.
  • The foundation for marketing is the ability for all players to virtually tour the apartment complex at any given time, from any location, simultaneously, in authentic surroundings, in real time and in true-to-life scale. This saves time and money.
  • Thanks to streaming technology for laptops, tablets and desktop PCs, there’s no need for our customers and their stakeholders to have high-performance computers to view and virtually tour the apartment complex.



Interactive application for the visualization of an apartment complex



Customer’s objectives:

The customer’s desire was to efficiently visualize an apartment complex using an interactive application. This included in quantitative and qualitative terms:

  • Six apartment blocks with a total of 128 apartments, plus the planned outdoor environment
  • Interior architecture consulting for the space allocation plan
  • Creation of room data sheets in accordance with the defined apartment types
  • Integration of the furniture available for material selection (built-in and variable assets)
  • The virtual tour of every apartment must be an enriching experience on all levels that should not be spoiled by any shortcomings in terms of presentation or technology.



Interactive application apartment complex



Our challenge:

  • Handling the quantity of data and the size of a comparatively large apartment complex
  • Integrating several interior design styles, each with different furniture
  • Ensuring smooth visualization even in a high-quality interactive application
  • And finally the aesthetics: 128 furnished, tourable apartments that need to offer a modern interior design and a realistic impression of their potential future furnishings



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Our solution:

We imported the floor plans and views provided by the customer and processed them for 3D tours. This means the entire complex was modeled in 3D using views/floor plans.

After modeling (and purchasing some of) the required pieces of furniture and individual interior design elements, we generated each individual level of all of the apartment blocks as well as the corresponding materials and lighting setups based on plans, specifications and customer consultation.

And finally, we created a pipeline to transmit the data to our core software PORTER. Now the customer – who we were in close communication with about progress made during the entire project phase – can tour the real estate with their stakeholders in virtual reality, where they can turn it into an (emotional) experience, convey a sense of the entire space and discuss all relevant aspects.


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