Beacon application for a booth at the SPS IPC Drives 2015

The smartphone and tablet application was developed for the Kinmatec trade fair booth at SPS 2015 in Nuremberg.

Kinmatec GmbH

The benefits at a glance:

  • Each target group is automatically shown the information that is relevant to them
  • Users do not have to navigate as the information shown is always related to the closest machine
  • The demo machine can only be controlled by the user on site
  • The cross-platform application eliminates the need for providing devices since almost all users carry their own smart devices with them
kinmatec perspective iphone
Kinmatec Interface Tablet

Kinmatec GmbH programs and sells automation and commissioning software for machines, systems and test benches. In order to present the opportunities offered by the KinRig software in combination with the Beacon technology at trade fairs, we developed an app which shows different information and performs user-specific machine actions based on the user’s profile.

The app was developed for iOS and Android using HTML5. It can easily be transferred to additional platforms such as web and desktop applications, if needed.

Fair visitors could install the Kinmatec app and personalise their profile. Based on their profile, interested visitors were shown information about different machines which was relevant for their target group via the Kinmatec app on their smartphone as they approached the Beacon attached to each machine.

In one instance, the app even allowed visitors to interact with the machine and start it via the app to make it fill and dispense a box with chewy sweets in the preferred flavour stored in the app user’s profile.