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Customer: PHOENIX Living GmbH
Project release: November 2021
  • Porter
  • Virtual Reality

PHOENIX Living: Contemporary real estate marketing at top level

Make real estate virtually accessible, select materials and sell – long before the groundbreaking!

PHOENIX Living GmbH is breaking new ground in the marketing of real estate projects. The construction project developer from Stuttgart relies on early inspection, experience and material selection of its real estate projects and uses various innovative technologies for this purpose.

The basis is the high-quality 3D preparation of real estate and its interactive material selection with “real” interior product databases of renowned manufacturers. This allows prospective buyers to virtually enter apartment after apartment as early as the planning phase and to select materials in a price-transparent manner as a real-time application.

The so-called Bleistiftareal in the heart of Weinstadt-Beutelsbach serves as a “pilot”. There, just outside Stuttgart, PHOENIX Living is building 29 apartments, the municipal library and two commercial units. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023, and marketing of the apartments started in September 2021 – and was extremely successful, not least thanks to the new, innovative marketing concept.

Customer’s advantages:

  • Marketing as early as possible and in line with the times through inspection and material selection of the high-quality modeled apartments – with an unchanged emotional buying experience.
  • Each apartment is designed in three different furnishing styles and materials can be selected individually at a transparent price.
  • Authentic, clear and comprehensible viewing experience for prospective buyers “from the couch”.
  • In dialog with the architects in charge, the 3D visualization revealed optimization potentials and thus facilitated internal planning and processes.
  • In parallel, the apartments have been visualized as renderings for the sales exposé – synergies like these ensure cost and time efficiency.
  • With PORTER, there is an established software platform that enables visually sophisticated interactive project inspection and material selection, including playout on different technologies – even in Virtual Reality!



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Customer’s objectives:

  • Significantly streamline the marketing process through virtual real-time inspections and significantly minimize the resources required by moving to digital.
  • The particularly demanding material selection process, which is time-consuming and requires a great deal of consultation, is also shifted at least partially to the digital world. The prospective buyer will be assigned a much more active role than before. This streamlines processes on the project development side and frees up resources.
  • Have interior visualizations created for traditional marketing.
  • Positioning of PHOENIX Living GmbH as a progressive, modern construction project developer oriented towards new technologies.



Our challenge:

  • To model four houses with 29 apartments in the shortest possible time.
  • To design three individually selectable apartment styles.
  • In turn, to completely model the material selection and implement the selected objects defined in dialog with the client.
  • Implement flooring, walls, doors, baseboards, bathroom- and plumbing fixtures, etc. for an authentic, price-transparent material selection.
  • Creation of ten interior visualizations for the exposé and related implementation of the design concept in exchange with the client.


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Our solution:

  • Close cooperation with the architects for the shell in 3D as well as with the sales department for the renderings and their look.
  • Creation of a concept with three different living styles.
  • Intensive consultation regarding the selected objects and their features down to the smallest detail.



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