Virtual, interactive product presentation of the revecta® machine

We developed a virtual reality application for the revecta® in-house fair in order to present the possible applications in a realistic fashion during the product launch.

Technische Bauteile Eberle GmbH

Using the revecta® brand, Technische Bauteile Eberle has developed an automatic return point for reusable cups, which was introduced to the public during an in-house fair.

Since the areas of application for the machine were yet to be established at the time of the product launch, one of the main challenges was to provide a clear presentation of different areas of application.

revecta virtual reality anwendung
revecta interaktive produktpräsentation

The benefits at a glance

  • 1:1 representation of the machine by integrating its CAD data
  • Unique insight into the machine and its functions by the front automatically becoming transparent upon insertion of a cup
  • Colour configurator demonstrating the customisation options
  • Controllable scene changes to visualise the different areas of application



VR goggles allowed visitors of the in-house fair to explore the revecta® machine in different real-life settings, e.g. in a café, change its colour and even insert virtual cups.

revecta cafe