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Customer: FC Augsburg
Project release: July 2019
  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology for customer acquisition

Use virtual reality to market a real estate project even though the (re)build has just started: That’s exactly how the soccer Bundesliga team FC Augsburg made it possible for customers to experience their new VIP area in advance – and also how they quickly sold all of the business seats.


Customer’s advantages:

  • Early visualization of the VIP area for interested buyers and internal stakeholders – without having to wait for the rebuild
  • Financial planning security from early sale of business seats
  • Immediate return on investment from swift sale of seats
  • Early planning of logistic and staff operations possible in the VIP area for FCA home matches
  • Positive image transfer for customers and the public thanks to the use of contemporary technologies


Customer’s objectives:

The Bundesliga soccer team FC Augsburg wanted to sell its newly emerging business seats in the WWK Arena during the rebuild stage of the VIP area, which was in the spring of 2019 and much earlier than the actual completion of the rebuild at the start of the Bundesliga season in August.



fc augsburg virtual reality technologie



Our challenge:

“I only buy what I can see”: True to this motto, the goal was to make it possible for long-standing and target FC Augsburg customers to “virtually experience” the new VIP area in advance and to sell business seats even though the rebuild had just started and there was no more to see than a construction site.



wwk arena business seats virtuell erlebbar



Our solution:

XCYDE automatically prepared the CAD architecture data from the existing area and its rebuild plans for virtual reality and optimized them for the real-time application. Features of the software platform PORTER made it possible to provide a true-to-life virtual display even the portion of the VIP area that was being planned in addition to adding texture and realistic lighting. The PORTER logic also provided the necessary amount of interactivity to authentically move through the FCA venue. Our passion for detail was by no means lost in the roughly 6400 square feet (600 square meters) of the area: In the app, even the napkins were embellished with the FCA logo and the latest Augsburg match could be seen playing on the tv screens …

Using the solution in the field was met with pretty fantastic feedback. FC Augsburg invited long-standing and target customers to an event so they could get an idea of the new VIP area and secure business seats in advance. The guests wore a virtual reality headset, were given a hand-held controller – and could walk through the new VIP area “foot by foot.” Within four weeks – and months before actual completion of their construction – the future lounges had been rented out!



Customer testimonial:

Michael Ströll, Commercial Director of FC Augsburg:
The possibility to “virtually experience” the new VIP area and sell business seats even though the rebuild had just started and there was no more to see than a construction site: That’s exactly what was feasible in next to no time with PORTER from XCYDE. The use of virtual reality gave us the opportunity to let our partners and sponsors experience the highlights of the newly designed VIP area and get them excited about it
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