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Customer: Britax Römer Kindersicherheit GmbH
Project release: September 2019
  • Exhibition Application
  • Virtual Reality

VR demonstrator: A car crash from a child’s perspective

Britax Römer uses a custom-tailored virtual reality application to impressively showcase the company’s pledge – maximum safety for children – as well as their core product, child car seats, in an extremely modern way.


Customer’s advantages:

  • Britax showcases the topic of “safety on the road” in a completely new and modern way.
  • The result is a visually and technically spectacular application for trade shows and events that is guaranteed to get attention from visitors
  • With the application, Britax has positioned itself as a modern company that embraces new technologies and purposefully explores new avenues to ensure the safety of our children
  • The application goes beyond mere words of warning and instead lets users experience for themselves what can happen when a driver carelessly takes their eyes off the road


Customer’s objectives:

Britax Römer has been making sure parents and their children are safe on the road – since as far back as the 1930s. Today, Britax Römer exclusively develops and manufactures child car seats, strollers and child bike seats – and does so using cutting-edge technology. And the company wanted their exhibition stand to be just as modern for the trade show “Kind + Jugend” in Cologne in September 2019. The desire was for a virtual reality application, developed by XCYDE, to innovatively raise awareness among trade show visitors about topics of existential importance, namely safety on the road and selecting the right car seat – with an adult-sized car seat as a real head turner.



Our challenge:

The wish was for the virtual reality application to simulate a car ride that ends in an accident and for the VR user to see everything from the child’s perspective – who is of course safe and sound in the end – sitting in a Britax Römer car seat. The particular challenges in developing the VR application were the extremely high standards concerning the graphic quality of the demonstration as well as the synchronization of the mechanics of the oversized car seat, which the VR user was to sit in, with the software. A third factor was making it feel as realistic as possible with the application. That not only included visual and physical feedback, but also acoustics. Implementing an interactive sound environment in virtual surround sound provided the desired results.


Our solution:

XCYDE visualized a scenario entirely from a child’s perspective. The child is put in the car seat in the back of the car, the driver gets behind the wheel, starts driving and the child can watch the fully realistic landscapes whizz by. The driver’s phone rings, he picks up the cell phone while driving and takes of his eyes off the road. A tractor suddenly comes from the side, the two vehicles collide and the airbag and car seat keep the passengers safe. This mini screenplay already gives an idea about the complexity of the actual technical implementation. XCYDE designed the entire interactive virtual reality application for the VR headset “Oculus Rift S.” Using a mini computer, the VR application was synchronized with the actual physical “XXL car seat” in which the VR user sat. This made it possible to connect the virtual world with the real world, for example by simulating the sensation of driving with a vibrating motor or achieving the “jerk” of the crash by controlling magnets that were connected to weights.

The result was a truly impressive virtual reality application, both in terms of technology and function, that more than fulfilled its communicative objective. Those who visited the stand were fascinated by the authentic, striking and at times intense experience of being subjected to the dangers of road traffic in a car seat. Britax Römer proved to be a trade show highlight and positioned itself as a trend-setting pioneer in technology – also and most specifically for the well-being of our children.


Customer testimonial:

Michael Fürstenberg, Manager Design Center Britax Römer Kindersicherheit GmbH:
We wanted to make a new and innovative impression at trade shows. With that goal in mind, XCYDE developed a spectacular virtual reality application that in the end not only fascinated and wowed us, but also its users. So that makes it easy for me to admit that I was a bit curious at the outset of our collaboration due to how comparatively young the XCYDE team is. I can confirm today that the XCYDE team are not only masters in their field as software experts, but also have excellent communication and consulting skills.”


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