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Secure returns on your investment objects

Keep the performance of your assets in clear view, quickly and easily identify potential appreciation and ensure early marketing – even before breaking ground.

Simplify the management of your investment objects

A clear overview of the lifecycle

The transformation from a 2D floor plan to a 3D model ensures transparent digital lifecycle management – from the very beginning.


Digital, on-budget material selection

Interior finishing products from brand-name manufacturers are selected virtually for the real estate at clearly defined prices – time-saving and true to budget.

Early marketing before building starts

Turn your projects into a virtual experience to get potential buyers on board from the very beginning – for accelerated sales processes.

Digitize your lifecycle management

Transforming 2D apartment floor plans into 3D models in mere minutes lays the foundation for digital lifecycle management. This allows you to virtually tour your real estate in true-to-life scale and manage key processes with everyone involved.

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Plan on-budget & with optimized returns

The quality of finish of your real estate projects impacts their value. With PORTER, you are not only able to select materials as desired, but can also plan for optimized returns by keeping an eye on the total budget. All interior finishing products in the PORTER manufacturer database are integrated at clearly definded prices. This provides absolute cost transparency and ensures on-budget planning.

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