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Daniel Grünwald
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Rent the Virtual Reality DARMMODELL from XCYDE

XCYDE created a virtual twin of the 65-foot-long (20 meter) DARMMODELL from the Felix Burda Foundation that can be walked through. The virtual model teaches in-depth information about the colon in an entertaining way while also showing the development stages of precursors of colon cancer. And it does so in a very limited amount of space!

Discover the VR DARMMODELL

The Virtual Reality DARMMODELL

With our VR DARMMODELL, we want to help appropriately raise awareness about colon cancer among all age groups, including young people. They are the generation that is being increasingly affected by colon cancer!

The virtual model makes it possible to display and experience the abstract and rather unpopular topic of “preventive care for colon cancer” in a highly modern and entertaining way. Without any previous medical knowledge, any individual can now look at the human colon and existing disease symptoms from the inside to gain a better understanding.

With a VR headset and controller to navigate teleportation, it’s possible to virtually walk through the entire organ. Informative signs with an audio guide escort spectators through the tour.


3D data from the DARMMODELL was transformed into virtual reality with XCYDE’s software system PORTER where information was added about the human colon. Users can learn about potential pathological changes inside the colon that can turn into colon cancer. The virtual DARMMODELL also shows the spectator how effective preventive medical care can be practiced and how colon cancer can be prevented!

Do you have limited space? We have the solution! In addition to the 65-foot-long (20 meter) DARMMODELL from the Felix Burda Foundation, the VR model makes it possible to take the tour in very limited amount of space. Equipped with a VR headset and controller, you interactively learn in-depth information about the “high-performance” organ: the colon.

Preventive care is what really counts! The once abstract topic of preventive care for colon cancer can be experienced and understood thanks to the DARMMODELL. From a healthy colon to the precursors of colon cancer. Incorporating virtual reality also appeals to younger generations!

Preventive care is vividly conveyed! The virtual DARMMODELL guides “visitors” through the inside of the colon step by step. Informative signs are read aloud by an audio guide and explain disease symptoms as well as the prospects presented by preventive care & early detection of colon cancer. At the same time, “live” investigation of what is being described is possible.

Rental information

We offer a “carefree package” for your event. You do the renting – and we take care of the support service!

  • Technical requirements

    Power supply with a power strip (multiple sockets) is required along with accessible internet and a table that is at least 3.5 feet (1 meter) long. An open space of at least 10x10 feet (3x3 meters) should be available for setup.
  • Technical support & scope of rental agreement

    XCYDE takes care of all technical support. That includes professional setup and breakdown of the VR station as well as supporting and briefing guests during their virtual tour of the DARMMODELL. The renter must ensure that any damage that occurs on site is taken care of with the relevant insurance.
  • Booking timeframe

    The Virtual Reality DARMMODELL should be booked four weeks in advance if possible.
burda colon model virtual reality

Areas of application

Rent the VR DARMMODELL for your meeting, health-related event, trade show or company health day. Rent it to raise awareness about preventive care for colon cancer or as a drug store, pharmaceutical manufacturer or dedicated organization and let your visitors view the colon in virtual reality.



Example invoice (subject to change) Preventive colon care event in Stuttgart (approx. 60 miles/100 km away):

  • Arrival/departure on same day
  • Setup/breakdown
  • On-site technical support
  • DARMMODELL rental
  • Rental of a virtual reality headset including hardware

    Total cost of example: 1,690.00 EUR *
Approach / Departure
0,50 EUR
per kilometer
Rent colon model **
1.590,00 EUR
per day
Rent additional hardware (2nd VR station)
390,00 EUR
per Virtual Reality glasses incl. hardware
Overnight stay and expenses
125,00 EUR
per night

* for weekend bookings, a 15% surcharge is added to the total net amount

** incl. setup/breakdown, rental of one VR headset + hardware and an on-site representative for eight hours


With the virtual twin of the DARMMODELL from the Felix Burda Foundation, the topic of colon cancer (preventive care) and all its information can be interactively experienced with technology. Rent the Virtual Reality DARMMODELL for your event and take advantage of its unique character for your communications!

More information can be obtained directly from the Felix Burda Foundation.

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“Do you have questions about the DARMMODELL or renting the VR station? Feel free to contact me!”
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