Our services in the area of Mixed Reality

Human-centered Mixed Reality hard- & software solutions and content plaforms for mechanical engineering, aerospace and process industry.


For customers and businesses, today’s increasingly networked world means a paradigm shift from a product-centric towards a service-centric business perspective and approach.

Are you ready for this change?

We analyse your company and market environment and offer consulting services in our fields of competence, including “Connected Services”, “Internet of Things”, “Smart Data” and “Services on Demand”.


persönliches Beratungsgespräch


Are you looking to develop a new business model or digitise processes? In our workshops, we put concepts, business models and future models into practice.



  1. We create the mindset for the new business model with you.
  2. We revise business processes in line with new challenges.
  3. We jointly encourage sustainable collaboration between different fields of activity.
  4. We promote modular solutions.



We offer customised workshops on the following topics

  • Internet-of-Things
  • Smart Data Services
  • Predictive Applications


Solutions Development

Our services comprise the full bandwidth of solutions development from drafting strategic concepts to the development and implementation of applications. Our particular focus is on the mechanical engineering, aerospace and process industries.

Conducting our own research and development allows us to use new technologies and tread new paths with you in order to design solutions as unique as the requirements of your customers.


Konzentration auf Lösungsentwicklung