Delivery & cost transparency for your tenant improvement projects

Select materials for your construction project during the early planning stage! To significantly accelerate your processes and position yourself as a reliable, on-budget partner.

The turbo-boost for your improvement project

Speed for a competitive edge

Move project material selection up to the early planning stage – for accelerated processes & a reliable promise to deliver.

Virtual, price-transparent material selection

Materials are selected virtually based on your interior finishing product ranges or on the PORTER manufacturer databases – with reliable, on-budget planning.

Experience the space & understand the project

Interactively tour, experience and select materials for future rental spaces in real time & true-to-life scale – for the ultimate understanding and feel for the space.

Select materials faster, easier – and on-budget

Real-time material selection is performed using databases of interior finishing products at defined prices from leading brand-name manufacturers that are integrated into PORTER – which currently include flooring, doors, wall paneling and bathroom fixtures. It is also possible to integrate your set assortment of interior finishing products.

PORTER makes it possible to create a 1:1 image of a customer’s planned piece of real estate, is simple and intuitive to use and significantly shortens the time needed for your material selection process. For accelerated processes, time and cost savings and reliable delivery.

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Collaborative and early planning

Virtually plan and design future rooms, floors or buildings in PORTER for your tenant improvement projects together with your customers and all project stakeholders – early on, from any location and in collaboration on one platform. The real-time material selection of interior finishing products is photorealistic with current prices and synchronized for everyone to see. Project details and quoting are communicated transparently and clearly, which provides an optimal understanding of the project from the very beginning.

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