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Who’s who – who we are and what we stand for

Our values, our own four walls

People at XCYDE

Bright minds, self starters, planning gurus, tech nerds and creatives all under one roof. Our educational training, interests and strengths perfectly complement each other and are the essence of XCYDE. We value flexible yet purposeful work, promote a culture open to ideas and maintain a flat organizational structure. Together, we believe in bringing about lasting change in the real estate world with PORTER.

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Alexander Baur
Alexander Baur
„I’m impressed by how much the practical know-how at XCYDE complements the knowledge from my studies. The fantastic team also provides an extra motivational boost.“
andreas langbein
Andreas Langbein
VR/AR/XR Senior Developer
„At XCYDE, I have the freedom to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and work with them independently. What drives me: The development of perfect virtual worlds!“
Bernd Bigelmaier
Bernd Bigelmaier
„XCYDE unites three things above all else for me: Creative working methods, a contemporary work model and a fantastic, highly professional team.“
Simon Velthuis
Simon Velthuis
3D Technical Artist
„The perfect work-life balance, a reliable team and integration of the latest Unreal Engine 4 features in a future-proof application – that is my dream job at XCYDE!“
Tobias Wendzel
Tobias Wendzel
„The variety of tasks, relaxed yet productive atmosphere and awesome colleagues make XCYDE a brilliant place to work.“
Patrick Bumiller
Patrick Bumiller
Head of Software-Development
„What motivates me the most is the innovation and process driven way we work, which makes results immediately visible and measurable – and it’s all for a fascinating product.“
Wali Manan
Director Business Development
„XCYDE uses AI and immersive technologies to display real estate projects that don’t even exist yet. The value for investors, project developers and asset managers is massive!“
Sebastian Feustle
Sebastian Feustle
Web-Engineer & Cloud-Developer
„Thanks to flexible working hours and an in-house fitness studio, I can take care of balancing work and family myself. And I enjoy being able to work in the area I grew up in.“
Kai C. Thomas
Kai C. Thomas
Founder & Managing Partner
„XCYDE is a life-long dream. With experience from founding other IT startups, a cool and professional team and excellent customers with a vision, that dream has become a reality.“
Clemens Kamm
Clemens Kamm
Lead Software Developer Artificial Intelligence
„A terrific and dynamic team. A wide variety of exciting tasks. Agile and flexible working. That’s why I’m part of XCYDE.“
justin siemt
Justin Siemt
Realtime 3D-Artist
„Creating state-of-the-art virtual reality visualizations within the scope of exciting projects and a friendly, agile team – XCYDE is simply brilliant in terms of both technology and people!“
reza roustaei
Reza Roustaei Khoshkbijari
VR/AR/XR Senior Developer
„XR technologies are not an end in themselves, but rather tools to reach a specific goal based on the situation. XCYDE lives by that philosophy, and that’s why I’m here.“
Manuel Raith
Manuel Raith
„The friendly, easy-going interaction among colleagues and the work environment are super. As a student trainee, I’m able to take part in innovative projects with a promising future.“
tanja alstetter
Tanja Alstetter
Head of Marketing-Sales Automation
„I can start my day with sports here – and then feel great for getting right to business in my inspiring job. To me, these are the perfect working conditions!“
Robin Mueller
Robin Müller
„For me, XCYDE unites technical innovation with agile working – a combination that leads to change, flexibility and creative freedom.“
rebecca oflaz xcyde leipheim munich
Rebecca Oflaz
Office Management & Human Resources
„As a mom, I take care of everyday family life, and as an office manager at XCYDE, I take care of everything from A to Z. The flexible work schedule keeps it all perfectly in balance.“
julia handerer
Julia Handerer
Head of Marketing Operations
„Establishing and developing a strong brand is what I really enjoy doing. Thanks to flexible working hours, I can also realize my full potential as a “part-time mama” at XCYDE.“
Olaf Butterbrod
Olaf Butterbrod
Head of Corporate, Brand & Product Communications
„Our product PORTER is innovative, valuable and true to life – and that’s somehow better than selling sand at the beach.“
Markus Hermann
Markus Hermann
„Developing good software in a super-cool team is simply a lot of fun.“

How we live and work – XCYDE insight

Desk, chair, computer – done? That’s long been a thing of the past at XCYDE. Our office headquarters in Leipheim were specifically designed for us and reflect how we live and work at XCYDE: flexibly, collaboratively and with a feel-good factor. In short: modern.

  • xcyde library

    The workspace

    Our open office invites everyone to work collaboratively and regularly exchange ideas. Everyone is open to listening to each other. The best foundation for good ideas.

  • leipheim munich jungle in the office

    The jungle

    At the office but with plenty of greenery: Our jungle provides an extraordinary atmosphere at work – a place where ideas grow and thrive.

  • xcyde leipheim office golf

    The phone booth

    A car on the third floor? For us, the design classic Golf I GTI provides enough peace and quiet for long calls and reminds us that good design is timeless.

  • xcyde leipheim kitchen

    The kitchen

    The most important conversations are always in the kitchen. The same is true for us here. Our kitchen by Wiedemann Werkstätten invites us to make lunch together, develop ideas over a cup of coffee or play an exciting round of foosball.

  • xcyde leipheim munich campus

    The campus

    Our campus really delivers – with plenty of room for team brainstorming! And when ideas need a bit more room than a standard piece of paper: The entire back wall is a huge whiteboard. The campus also works perfectly as bleachers for watching foosball matches during breaks.

How we think and act – XCYDE values

Our values are the heart of our company culture and determine what we stand for and how we act every day – in the team and with our partners and customers.

  • Easily create greater value

    Our aspiration is to scrutinize previous solutions to achieve one thing above all else: added value for our customers. Simply and better than ever before.
  • The extra mile and enthusiasm

    We don’t just complete our projects to achieve customer satisfaction. We want to inspire, to exceed expectations. We don’t just get the necessary job done, we always go the extra mile.
  • One team

    We all cooperate to work as a team – even when our perspectives are different. We’re dynamic, understanding, always listen and keep an eye out for each other. That not only applies to us as colleagues, but also to the partnerships with our customers.
  • Always a step ahead

    We are passionate about creating something new and actively shaping the future with innovative ideas and technologies. Out of the box and always a step ahead.
  • Triple win

    We also see ourselves as “one team” with our business partners and customers. For us, respect, integrity, fairness and especially cooperative collaboration are the prerequisites for true success and added value on all levels.

It’s all quite simple – the XCYDE mission

Together, we believe in bringing about lasting change in the real estate world with PORTER. We are passionate about inspiring others and exceeding expectations – about surpassing ourselves time and again. In everything we do, we aspire to make technology so useable that it can offer real, unimaginable added value: faster and easier decisions, fewer tied-up resources – to provide more freedom and sustainability, more time and, as a result, significantly lower costs. We believe that function always has a design brief to follow and that the focus is never on technology, but rather on people. That unconventional ideas provide the impetus to always be a step ahead.

In real time – the XCYDE vision

To become the leading prop-tech company in Europe for premium quality, interactive real-time material selection in the design and planning stage of real estate projects!

XCYDE offices

From our headquarters in Leipheim (Günzburg district) and our office in Munich, we accompany construction and real estate companies on their journey of digital transformation of the entire real estate sales process.

Our headquarters in Leipheim were specifically planned and furnished to meet our needs. It’s a place where we can work hard, develop exciting joint projects and feel at home all at the same time. We’re a team and that’s something we live by too.

Our office in Munich is centrally located on Volkartstraße, which allows us to operate right next door to our partners and customers and offer ongoing support.

porter leipheim contact

Location Leipheim

Albert-Einstein-Straße 1
89340 Leipheim
porter munich contact

Location Munich

Branch office
Volkartstraße 50
80636 Munich
“Same old 9-to-5 grind but it’s 24/7? Not with us. We’d be happy for you to personally experience everything that’s 10/10 at XCYDE”
Kai C. Thomas
Kai C. Thomas
Founder & Managing Partner
Albert-Einstein-Straße 1
89340 Leipheim (District Günzburg)
Branch office
Volkartstraße 50
80636 Munich